The Grand

I've been playing with a band, The Grand, for most of 2013. The songs are written by Joe Tippet (Vocals and Guitar) and features Ian Unterman (Violin and Vocals), Alex Mandell (Cajon and Vocals), Susan Goodwillie (Saw and Vocals) and myself on standup electric bass.

I've been managing the group and and doing a lot of the vocal arranging. I was the last member added to the group so I've gotten to do a lot of cleaning up preexisting work (which is great - it's a very talented group). The songs are beautiful and a lot of fun to play. We even have an accapella tune.

The band is currently on a hiatus - two of our members are on tours with musicals and shows, but we'll be back in December working on our first EP and setting up some gigs.