Behind Camera

Cormac has worked extensively behind the camera from production sound, directing to Executive Producing. His work spans television, film, web content and theater in a wide variety of capacitys.

Cormac was a guest artist director at NYU's Atlantic Theater Company's acting conservatory before segueing to composing music for the school's productions.

He served as president of the award winning production company, Acorn Pictures, a small film production company, for 3 years during which time he produced short films, spec commercial spots and theater. He also was co-artistic director of Third Man Productions, a theater company most notably known for producing The Barhoppers Series in New York and Los Angeles as well as playwright Rachel Shukert's highly lauded play, Bloody Mary and Joel Jones's Shrug Like You Mean It.

With a clear understanding of where Artistry meets Technology, Cormac is able to execute clean and clear workflows on any project.

Life Media Solutions / Spigot Media

Editor & Post Production

I am a co-founder of Life Media Solutions with Shawn Alston and Eddie Melikyan. LMS is a full service production company focusing on Industrial video for high end brands and commercials. Our clients include Nike, Coke, Apple, Nexus and Heinz.  

We have been working closely with Interior Architects, a international high end architectural firm dedicated to business interiors, creating media to help build their online presence.

I head the majority of the post production for IA - editing, color correction and sound. The spaces they create are incredible and the media we create for them have to reflect that.

Interior Architects LinkedIn New York Office
Produced by Life Media Solutions LMS

Edited, Scored, Mixed and Color Corrected by Cormac Bluestone

Interior Archetects JLL Design
Produced by Life Media Solutions LMS

Edited, Scored, Mixed and Color Corrected by Cormac Bluestone

Interior Architects Bumble Bee Design
Produced by Life Media Solutions LMS

Edited, Scored, Mixed and Color Corrected by Cormac Bluestone

Life Media Solutions also spearheaded Interior Architects content for their new website. The idea was to share the culture of there offices from all over the world. You can see a sample of the landing page to the right and some videos below. We produced 20 Videos for IA where the individual offices would shoot with their cell phones. I organized, logged, edited, mixed and scored all 20 films that website.

Old Spice Spec Commercial

Director, Editor & Post Produciton

Directed, Edited, Scored, Mixed and Color Corrected by Cormac Bluestone

I directed this Old Spice commercial spec with Acorn Pictures for Poptent. The assignment was for the new "Ever Clear" antiperspirant that doesn't leave a residue: Residue is Evil. In addition to directing, I edited, sound corrected, scored, color corrected and produced the spot.

Production Company: Acorn Pictures
Directed, Edited and Scored by Cormac Bluestone
Written by Julie Gearheard and Jonathan Rossetti
Executive Producers: Cormac Bluestone, Erin WIlliams and Julie Gearheard
Starring Jennifer Flynn, Jonathan Rossetti and Cormac Bluestone
Director of Photography: Bernard Evans

600 Hours (Web series)

Director, Editor, Composer and Post Production

600 Hours follows Caroline, an actress struggling to find her footing in the entertainment industry. When her agent drops her from his agency and suggests she goes to beauty school, Caroline takes it to heart. What follows is her journey as she trains to become a licensed esthetician and the people she meets. But the further she moves forward, the more and more everyone around her seems to succeed in roles she used to long for.

In addition to directing episodes 4, 5 & 6, I aslo edited, color corrected, mixed and composed music for the series. 

Starring Emily Althaus, Nick Coleman, Kim Director, Yoriko Haraguchi, Catherine McCarthy, Anita Sabherwal, Greg Schmalbach, Carolyn Michelle Smith and Cat Yezbak.

Trailer for 600 Hours,
Edited by Cormac Bluestone



Kansas Dreams, How I Missed It All So Much

Director, Editor, Composer & Post Production

I wrote, directed and produced these 2 "Musical" shorts. I also did the animations and VFX, created and composited all the art direction and put it all to together. You can read more about how it was put together in this BTS blog post.

Kansas Dreams; How I Missed It All So Much
Directed, Edited, VFX and Mix by Cormac Bluestone
Music and Words by Cormac Bluestone
Renée Brna (the Singer)
Dan Jones (The Bird)

Summertime Serenade
Directed, Edited, VFX and Mix by Cormac Bluestone
Music and Words by Cormac Bluestone

Heather and Andy

Director of Photography & Post Production

Heather and Andy is fun short written and directed by Sarah Paige, starring Drew Moerlein and Emily Shaffer.

Sarah and I came up with the concept of a single shot short film. I was the DP of the film and did post production, the VFX, editing and sound.


Producer, Composer & Animator

For Acorn Pictures annual LIVEworks show, I wanted the evening to have a strong theme for our fourth season as this was Acorn's flagship event. I decided on a comic book theme and aimed on the work focusing on plot versus character studies. These animations were projected between and during the one acts and short films at LIVEworks IV: Collector's Edition.

Presented by Acorn Pictures, the show was performed at the Underground Theater in Los Angeles November 18-20, 2010.

Produced by Cormac Bluestone
Artwork by Ben Kendall
Animated, Edited and Scored by Cormac Bluestone
*Score from "The Winners" by Cormac Bluestone
**Song from "The Botanist's Wife" by Cormac Bluestone