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I was fortunate enough to get involved with YouTube around 2010 writing music for "The Fine Bros", "Lisbug" and Machinima. There is a free creative spirit and a "get up and go" attitude in the youtube community that makes the work fun and fast.

I worked on the channel "Lisbug" composing, shooting and editing content from 2010 to 2012. During my time there, Lisbug won Google's "Youtube NextUp" contest. The winners were invited to youtube in New York to meet with fellow content creators to learn how to grow their channels. Each winning channel was also awarded $35,000 dollars.

Machinima presents Assassin's Creed: The Musical

The Youtube channel, Machinima produced this musical to coincide with the highly anticipated release of the video game, Assassin's Creed: Unity. Machinima is one of the the most watched channels on youtube.

I was hired to compose, record and mix the songs for this musical. 

Directed by Brendan Bradley, Music by Cormac Bluestone and Lyrics by Joel Rubin. Starring Matt Caplan,  Bruce Greene, Jaquita Ta'le, Ben Palacios, Jonah Platt and Eliot Dewberry.

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The three song review uses both Broadway and YouTube talent and introduces a new, gamer audience to the format of live musical theatre.
And doggone it if the songs aren’t downright catchy.
— Robin Parrish, Tech Times

The Fine Bros React Series

I created music for the weekly viral series' "Teens React", "Elder's React" and "Youtubers React". The three "React" series have amassed over 2.5 Billion views.

The Fine Brothers Channel have over 2.8 Billion total views and have almost 12 million subscriptions, making it the 42nd most viewed channel and the 21st most subscribed channel on Youtube (4/10/15).

Take a look at the series here.

That’s also the reason why the React video from the Fine Brothers is itself so powerful. It contains real teens working out real problems they face on a day-to-day basis...
— Cate Matthews, The Huffington Post
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Webs Series

When tourists come to Hollywood and want more than a Star Map and a Walk of Fame photo, they call Jack (Neil Hopkins - Lost) and Susan (Kimmy Gatewood) to get them into the celebrity parties around town. 

The score for Starf*ckers needed to match the fast paced dialogue of our heroes. I aimed to make the score somewhere between hard rock you might here on the Hollywood Strip to tracks that you'd here on a Bravo reality show.

Produced by Atomic Wedgie. You can check out the series here.

“Starf*ckers” represents a changing web series landscape, one whose players have become aware of their format’s potential and bankability. That’s not to imply that the show’s not funny, because it is. But even if it wasn’t, “Starf*ckers” should be appreciated for its out-of-the-gates awareness, its careful engineering, and its evident hopes. It’s the T-1000 of web series.
— Luke Kelly-Clyne, Splitsider
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Rusty The Depressive Psychic Genie Dog From The Future

Written and directed by Jon Caren

Rusty revolves around a dog (a man in a dog costume) who talks to camera about his disappointment with his owner and his life. The theme needed an easy going sound that felt like the attitude of "over it", but could still be likable and get a laugh.

Strike.TV is an internet television website that was created during the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. It is an online network of original programming produced by well-known Hollywood names. 

You can check out the series here.