KANSAS DREAMS "How I Missed it All So Much"

Here is a new video I've been working on.  It features my good friends, Renée Brna and Dan Jones.

I had written "How I Missed it So Much" for a short musical I was writing in 2004 and I had Renée in mind as I was writing it.  I was thrilled that we were able to come together in fall of 2012 and get her recording it on video. I was finally able to complete the video over the holidays.

I switched up some software working on this. I started using Adobe Premiere CS6 instead of Final Cut and I have to say, it has been terrific so far. I love the way it's setup and the way it handles media. I'm still climbing the learning curve but I believe it's totally worth it and I won't be going back to FCP.

Quick Breakdown of how I put this together:

  • Shot all characters in front of green screen
  • Created the "Night Club" with PNG's that I either created or pulled from Google images and edited in Photoshop, and then built the whole thing in in Motion 5
  • add the filmed characters into motion - Garbage Matte and Key
  • animated the swinging stars in the Background in Motion 5 and export as ProRes 4444 with Alpha Channel
  • animated the singing bird to a temp track of flute using After Effects CS6, and then exported it with the alpha channel and dropped it in to Motion 5
  • Created the opening credits in Photoshop (3d Elements) and then brought them into After Effects and did an animation moving a virtual camera. Exported as an animation with Alpha Channel
  • add whistling (my friend did on his iphone) - convert mp3's to aifs - drop into Logic 9.
  • Synced all the parts in Logic 9, mixed and did some light editing. What you see me playing is pretty much what you're hearing.
  • Created the closing credit cards in Photoshop, and the Subscribe card in motion
  • Dumped it all into Premiere, filter everything to Black and White and put the "Old Film" look on all of it. Added some transition dissolves and then rough draft export
  • dump movie into Logic 9 - make sure all sound is synced to picture. Master, distress to old film sound, Master and then export final draft of sound to an aif
  • Drop the sound in the Premiere Session, and Export final High Res H.264 for youtube. DONE!

I did the video in a 1280*520 aspect ratio and I feel mixed.  It looks great and accomplishes everything I wanted, but it does look a little too small in the standard Youtube player window.  Here was my thinking behind it:

  1. The Letter boxing gives it a more cinematic look
  2. The shorter height made it easier to move around the virtual night club (none of the filmed characters have feet)
  3. The shorter screen height reduced the render time a bit when exporting the animation out of Motion 5 (because there were less pixels to render)

For fun here are a few of my favorite elements I put together for this:

Animated Bird

(as Gif for web)

Band Stand

The Microphone (PNG)

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