Cormac started playing piano at the age of four. Since then, he has added guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, percussion, trumpet and trombone to his repertoire of instruments as well as being a vocalist. His ability to play multiple instruments doesn't only make his recordings sound like a live orchestra, but makes him an in demand side man.

From Lincoln Center to the Beacon Theater to the Sunset Strip, Cormac has played many venues across the country of every size. His solid ear, experience and technical knowhow make him the first musician you call for the next live show.

The Grand



The Grand is a 5 piece band with a unique take on Folk, Rock and Blues. It has a Cajon and Electric Bass backbeat, fiddle and guitar twang and 5 part harmonies making a big sound from a lot of acoustic instruments. The upbeat contemporary folk tunes written by the rusty voiced Joe Tippet makes toes tap and drinks flow. 

The Grand performs Billy Jordan at their rehearsal studio in Dumbo.


Joe Tippett - Lead Vocals & Guitar 
Susan Goodwillie - Saw & Vocals
Ian Unterman - Fiddle & Vocals 
Alex Mandell - Percussion/Cajón & Vocals
Cormac Bluestone - Bass & Vocals

Cormac plays an electric standup bass for The Grand. He musically directs rehearsals and arranges much of the music (written by Joe Tippet) as well as manages the groups business affairs and social media.

Fay Wolf


Fay Wolf, along with Cormac Bluestone, John Forest and Dylan Halacy, performing God Knows


Fay Wolf is a singer/pianist/songwriter and is known for her bright performances and her sad songs. Her music has been heard on Grey's Anatomy, The Fosters, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, The Carrie Diaries, Covert Affairs and Pretty Little Liars.

For Fay, Cormac plays Bass, Acoustic Guitar and coordinated her backing tracks for her live shows for a number of years in Los Angeles, most notably at Hotel Cafe. 



Promotional video for Rock band Ufonik featuring interviews, life performance clips and rehearsal footage.

Founded by original member and Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar – Eric Reed, Ufonik is made up by 4 current members including Li on Drums, Cormac Bluestone on Lead Guitar and founding member Matt Paladino on Bass. Eric’s intimate songwriting paints the portrait of a young artist seeking to make universal connections in a society and world fractured by indifference. With Ufonik’s hooks and melodies as the signature, they bring back a classic element to Rock.

Cormac started as a sideman bass player for the group and stayed on for 5 years as the bands lead guitarist and backup vocalist.

Cormac Bluestone and Eric Reed perform at The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA.

Cormac Bluestone and Eric Reed perform at The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA.

Tracks from Ufonik's self titled album featuring Cormac Bluestone on Lead Guitars and Bass.

Cormac on Youtube

Original Material

Cormac Bluestone performs his original song, How I Missed It All So Much with Renée Brna and Daniel Jones.



Cormac has worked with YouTube channels such as Machinima, The Fine Bros and Lisbug extensively since 2008. His work with larger YouTube inspired him to put out some of his own work.

Here a number of his videos from his channel,