"Cat's Cradle" a Ukulele Loop

My new Ukulele Round, Cat's Cradle is up on youtube.

I actually shot this one last year in Los Angeles.  I had some trouble getting it together and getting it to work and abandoned it.  I recently came across the files and was able to put it together pretty quickly and trouble shooting the problems with ease.

The toughest part of making these is actually just the process of editing them with sound.  I'm a little bit of a purist, so I actually try and get as close of a sync as I can in the editing process.  I then fine tune it and mix it in Post (a very, very short post if you can't tell).

I shot this one on my iPhone 4 and cut it on Final Cut.  I mixed it with an OMF file in Logic.

In case you missed it, here's the first Uke Loop/Round I did:

Enjoy and thanks for watching!