"Giant Killer Slugs" in the Dream Up Festival at Theater for a New City

I am thrilled to post about a show that I've been working on called "Giant Killer Slugs": a 50's creature feature parody written for the stage.  The show ran for 3 weeks and was produced by

Pipeline Theater Company (that great group of people who produced The Caucasian Chalk Circle last year).


This show was a massive in the size and scope on my end.  I did the Music, Sound Design and Projections for the show.  It had 35 Projections, around 20 pieces of music and over 130 sound effects/beds/loops.  The QLab session had almost 650 cues!  This was definitely a challenge I had been waiting to tackle and was so excited to do it with such a terrific Theatre Company.

Above and behind the stage is a screen onto which Cormac Bluestone’s filmed prologue, elaborate title sequence, and interpolated establishing shots are projected. Bluestone has also fashioned an effective musical score and sound design, giving the quietest cricket chirp the same attention as the noisiest TNT detonation.
— Mark Dundas Wood, Backstage


The Projections were one of the first concepts director Daniel Johnsen and I spoke about. We wanted a very cinematic feel for every element of the show. Here is the opening video that was shown at the top of the show. 

Animation, SFX, Compositing, Audio Mix, Score and additional footage by Cormac Bluestone.
Direction of Prologue Section (0:22  to 1:06) by Byron Camacho



Here is a collection of most of the music from "Giant Killer Slugs".  I am a huge rockabilly fan and was so excited to tackle emulating music from the late 40's (such as Hank Williams) into the 50's (such as "The Champs" or "Santo and Johnny").