"It's a Hit!" - SeriesFest wrap up

The pilot "It's A Hit!" which had it's world premiere screening at Seriesfest this past June.

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Virgin Produced Choice Award

"It's a Hit!" won a "Virgin Produced Choice Award". Virgin Produced selected eight pilots from the festival for distribution opportunities across Virgin Airlines and Hotels.

Additionally, Indiewire did a write up about their seven favorite pilots from this years festival that they would want to see become series:

IndieWire Selects

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Produced by The Orchard and Burn Later Productions, this assassin comedy features some extremely grounded work by Abby Elliott, not to mention some fun stuff with Tim Matheson. The concept — professional assassins doing their job with the “benefit” of corporate structure — is fun, but beyond the conceits of the concept, the fact that the pilot revolves around the existential crisis of Samantha (Elliott) makes the series surprisingly relatable.
— Liz Shannon Miller, IndieWire

"It's a Hit" Trailer