"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" SEASON 12 PREMIERE

The was a very special episode to get to work on. Charlie Day wrote all the songs and they are terrific! I was thrilled to get to produce all this music for a very funny episode.

There is a lot of music in this episode - our most ambitious yet! It began with Charlie sending me videos of him playing and singing the songs on piano and guitar. I took them, scored them, arranged them and then flew out to Los Angeles to do studio pre-records with the cast, including our guest star Scott Bakula.

Below are a few photos from the process - screen grabs from working on the music, pictures from the recording session and random prep work from my hotel room.

BTS featurette from the episode "The Gang Turns Black."

What are the rules... for writing a Sunny musical? Watch the Gang record the songs featured in the premiere. 

Promo for the episode, "The Gang Turns Black"