Potomac Theater Project's 2017 Season - Terrific Reviews!

I am back for my fourth season with the Potomac Theater Project, which is now in it's 27th year of producing theater. I am sound designing both of their shows this season: Pity in History and Arcadia.

You can get tickets here. The shows run in Rep through the first week in August, 2017.


A 1985 BBC teleplay getting its professional stage debut, thanks to Potomac Theater Project... This production proves the piece’s merit for the stage.
— Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times
Cormac Bluestone’s adept sound design recreates the sound of war blended with the moody incidental music... Pity in History’s cast and technical team works wonders with this minor curio.
— Darryl Reilly, TheaterScene.net
Pity In History illuminates the conflict and contradiction that inherently come to light when chaos and art face off against each other.
— David Hurst, Talkin' Broadway
A welcome message for today. Nothing’s set in stone. We have lived this moment before, and it too shall pass.
— PJ Grisar, Stage Buddy
Every summer, I look forward to the productions PTP brings to New York’s Atlantic Theatre. They’re invariably intriguing, timely and well executed.... Onstage war is palpable. Unnerving drums and explosions (Sound Design Cormac Bluestone)... The company is terrific...
— Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town
The smart and utilitarian design by Mark Evancho with lighting by Hallie Zieselman and sound by Cormac Bluestone works remarkably well illuminating conflict and the contradiction that exists between spiritually-influenced high art and wars that use God as their centerpiece... It will float through our thoughts and dive deep into our emotional consciousness.
— Ross, FrontMezzJunkies.com
The splendid direction is by Richard Romagnoli, who hones the dark comic lines even as the brutality of battle remains front and center. Scenic design is by Mark Evancho; lighting by Hallie Zieselman; costumes by Danielle Nieves; sound design by Cormac Bluestone. Casting is color-blind as well as sex-blind with two women playing male soldiers.
In sum, kudos for Howard Barker and all the members of the company. Bravissimo!
— Beatrice Williams-Rude, TheaterPizzazz.com

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Arcadia, perhaps Tom Stoppard’s most acclaimed play, juggles Newtonian science and chaos theory, the classical and the romantic temperaments, and garden history — along with loss, the fallibility of memory and the future of humanity. The magnetic force connecting all these elements is sex, “the attraction that Newton left out.”

Caitlin Rose Duffy*, Andrew W. Smith*, Jonathan Tindle*, Megan Byrne*, Steven Dykes, Steven Dykes, Sebastian LaPointe, Manny Duran, Alex Draper*, Jackson Prince, Stephanie Janssen* and Eliza Renner.
*Actors’ Equity Association

Set: Mark Evancho
Lighting: Hallie Zieselman
Costumes: Mira Veikley
Sound: Cormac Bluestone

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Set during the English Civil War of the 17th century — in PTP’S production, the present — Pity in History focuses on the overthrow of the old regime by an insurgency with a rigorous and severe view of the world. Art as religious representation and inspiration is challenged as a tool of possibly demonic privilege.

Steven Dykes, Christo Grabowski*, Christopher Marshall*, James O. Dunn*, Jonathan Tindle*, Matthew Ball*, Kathleen Wise*, Connor Wright, Sam Martin, Toria Isquith and Kaitlynd Collins.
*Actors’ Equity Association

Set: Mark Evancho
Lighting: Hallie Zieselman
Costumes: Danielle Nieves
Sound: Cormac Bluestone