Wrap on Sunny in PA

Today was a big day working on Sunny, for we were covering a lot of my material. I'm lucky that, somehow (really thanks to Charlie Day) I have a job that I have always wanted. I get to work with lots of people, I get to connect with them, and I get to see things I have a hand in creating come to life.

Best Bar in Philly

I've also been lucky this year in the projects I've been composing for.  So far, my two main projects (Caucasian Chalk Circle and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) have amazing casts: Casts that show up and blow me away not only with their talent, but clear evidence of preparation. They listen to music I've given them when we're not together (and it shows) and then on the first run the music sounds great and exciting. They all sound good and I find it enormously satisfying.

It was also the first time I was on set with Artemis-both of us have worked on the show since first season, and we've worked on a few other theater/comedy projects together, but never been on set together. It's been awhile since I've seen or hung with her so it was great to catch up.

As always, it's sad to walk away from the show-as an actor or musician, or whatever you do that you love, you wish you were doing it again tomorrow and pray to god you get to do it at least once more.

Anyway, as usual, I can't say too much, but this season is promising to be an excellent one and a another step forward in ambitions and comedy for the show.   Find FX on those DVR's!