Easy Day on "Sunny in PA"

Today was the first of two days of shooting an episode of 

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

that I'm working on.

I have done a bunch of music for an episode this season that I'm really pumped about.  Obviously, I can't go into much detail.

Today we shot out some of the stuff that I've already done most of my work for.  I ended up hanging out and talking with our Music Supervisor quite a bit until lunch and working out some details for tomorrow (I was actually happy I stayed - I usually don't "Hang Out" on set).  It's actually been great getting to know someone on that side of the business and getting a grasp on what he does, and how our jobs work together.

Jeesh, I thought this would be a fun post to put up, but I literally can't say anything.  I couldn't even put up the pictures of the monitors without having the feeling I should black them out.  Full report when the episode airs!