New Addition to the Family! (Lap Steel)

Well, after a year (or more) of belly aching, I got the impetus to go and buy a Lap Steel Guitar 

after work yesterday:

My Fender Lap Steel Guitar, circa 1954

The whole experience was great-I'll explain.  Between a lot of the writing, composing, scoring and recording I get to do, I don't actually get to


 music that much (or at least if feels that way).  I got home with the lap steel, straightened up the apartment (I had to put away all the lights from Lisa's shoot) and then played for 2 and a half hours.  I then played some acoustic for a bit and then back to the lap steel.

It think part of the reason I'm not doing a lot of playing is I'm not playing out.  Without bands to rehearse with regularly (


is working on new stuff, and


is pretty much done for the moment), plus being busy, I haven't really made the time to play-I  miss it!  I had to laugh, because I played these two little beauties while at Guitar Center Hollywood:

1982 Gibson 30th Anniversery

Gold Top Standard

1985 Fender Telecaster

1952 Reissue

If these two don't inspire something, see a doctor!

Both guitars sounded and played great.  Despite my hands being a little slow from sheer lack of playing, both guitars sounded amazing.  It was the first time I felt like I didn't have something to prove while playing in a store (every guitarist knows that feeling).  Anyway, definitely time for me to start finding time to play music again! 

The Lap Steel is a terrific addition to my instruments - I'm working on learning "Blue Hawaii" (a favorite of mine - The Elvis version, although I know Bing Crosby say it first), and I can't wait to start figuring out placement for it on some original music.