Rave Reviews for the "Velveteen Rabbit"

photo courtesy of Ahron Foster

The Velveteen Rabbit has has been a true passion project for Anya Saffir (Book, Lyrics and Director) and myself (Book, Lyrics, Music and Music Direction) over the past three and half years. We have been so lucky with it's first production - our amazing cast, our incredible designers and our wonderful set. I am overjoyed with the wonderful response we've gotten from our friends, colleagues, and now reviewers. 

Highlights and links below.

The writers have leavened the tale with humor — a musical number in which the more elaborate nursery toys boast is particularly funny... Mr. Bluestone has also injected wit into his score, which ranges in tone from barbershop quartet to doo-wop to English-style folk music.
— Laurel Graeber, The New York Times
Like the toy rabbit itself, the staging has no mechanical gimmickry or flashy embellishments: just ingenious props, a couple of instruments (a cello and a guitar, with a brief banjo cameo), frequent a cappella and sometimes mere hints of costumes.
— Laurel Graeber, The New York Times

It’s a quality production that will leave you and your children glowing... It beautifully embodies the charm and spirit of the book while giving it a fresh twist.
— Diana Kim, Mommy Poppins
Much of the narration and dialogue are sung a cappella, although at times there’s a soft cello and guitar accompaniment. The songs are catchy and move the story along quite well, and make the transitions between different parts seamless.
— Diana Kim, Mommy Poppins

This is a show with both a brain and a heart. It makes you think and feel at the same time. The audience feels the pain of the unloved lonely toy rabbit, the pain of the sick child, the chemistry and the joy between the two and the reason behind it.
— Holly Rosen Fink, The Culture Mom